Imagine an island in the “middle of the earth”… Imagine an old country villa, tucked away in the hills, where people of all walks of life gather to celebrate the Balearic spirit. Hear the island sing for you…

Since the beginning of the 1950s Ibiza has been attracting all kinds of outcasts, idealists, hippies, dropouts, bohemians and libertines from all over the planet. Those colourful passer-byes have played a crucial role in the development of the high level of tolerance and acceptance, which characterizes the island. The music has always mirrored this environment and the eclectic “Balearic” style is the musical expression of this special atmosphere. When we arrived on the island in 1993 we were fortunate to experience a kind of simplicity, diversity and freedom, which inspired us to create this project and pass on some of those uplifting and unifying feelings to following generations. finca am is our attempt to create unforgettable, magic moments in beautiful locations. It is about claiming our own culture, the freedom to party differently with live music, DJs, artistic performances and a conscious and all-embracing attitude. It is about epitomizing the history and soul of our beloved island.

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